About Give Up Robot 2

GamesGive Up Robot 2 is a flash game regarding a mechanical child who leaps as well as turns to stay clear of obstacles and also things that could ruin him. Give up robot is preferred with individuals who such as intriguing puzzles and do not prefer to give up. If you are among them– Welcome, you will certainly not regret that you stopped your interest on this certain game. Key character has some sort of wheel on bouncy suspension rather of legs and also he has no arms, yet has a harpoon which he uses to talk to anything as well as swing on it in order to avoid falling under nowhere or getting damaged.

There are many things that can demolish your personality, such as cannons, vents, lasers, energized blocks as well as etc. Your goal is to avoid all these things and also pass all 50 regular trouble levels. Then you will find 11 Extremely difficult ones which may ruin your serenity as well as probably force you to shut off the computer or perhaps worse, but remember it’s simply a game and also if you shed it will not affect your life. It is much better to lose and just leave the video game, than ruin everything that enter your hands. Simply play this game to educate your mind a bit and get some enjoyable with Give Up Robot 2.